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The new Quartz app is not the future of news

Bold ideas have to vault a huge number of hurdles in interaction design. Novel, risky ideas end up on the cutting room floor, which is why so many apps are so similar. It was therefore exciting to see the new iPhone app from the business site Quartz.

The app is a radical departure from all other news apps. Eschewing a homescreen, hierarchy or navigation, the app instead presents users with a conversational interface á la WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Each news story is a “message” that appears in the chat timeline, and the user can interact with the feed by sending “messages” to request more detail or receive another story. Selecting a news message opens the Quartz site in a webview, meaning the app does not contain any of Quartz’s articles itself. The app limits itself to 3-4 articles at a time, giving the user gets a brief digest instead of a massive data dump.

MJ ParnellThe new Quartz app is not the future of news