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Spike Jonze’s Dangerous Idea: Her, Simulation and Reality

Her isn’t interesting because it embeds UI into the world; it’s interesting because it embeds fantasy and simulation into the world.




As I get older I find twee things to be ever more tedious. Exhibit A: British Gas’ recent advert for its Hive service, which has the infantilising tone and twinky-twanky ukelele music that I find insufferable. Plus at one point a man in a bowler hat drinks from what appears to be two jam jars full of urine. Astonishing. Anyway, it was therefore with some surprise that the twee aesthetic of Spike Jonze’s Her (Exhibit B: those high-waisted pants) didn’t really put me off the movie – if anything I quite enjoyed it. You now might therefore expect me, as a UX professional, to add my two cents about the UI design.

MJ ParnellSpike Jonze’s Dangerous Idea: Her, Simulation and Reality